About Us

What do we do....

WDP Healthcare Saves You Money.

Avoid costly hiring mistakes. We guarantee our placements and your satisfaction. When you hire directly, we guarantee our results. You can depend on our proven approach to hiring. We’re systematic and thorough.

WDP Healthcare Saves You Time.

Our work is very time intensive. You pay WDP Healthcare only a fraction of what your company would pay were you to do this time-consuming recruiting and selection work.
Why use WDP....
The primary reason employers call on WDP Healthcare is because they need help recruiting qualified staff. And, our service gives you access to state-of-the-art recruiting methods. Most human resources departments can’t provide the selection of recruiting methods we continue to improve upon every day.
Employers call us for help with:

• Vacant positions
• Newly-created jobs
• Hard-to-fill positions
• Expansion and downsizing
• Confidential searches
• Executive jobs
WDP Healthcare Offers You:

1,000's of active and passive job seekers nationwide
Internet job boards and databases
Recruiters who know your jobs as well as you do
WDP Healthcare is a contingency placement firm, we can supplement your own hiring efforts.
WDP Healthcare provides companies across the USA with reliable recruiting and staffing services.
Let us help your company create a flexible, productive workforce. 
WDP HEALTHCARE offers retained, contingent search, consulting services and management services.

Retained Search

WDP Healthcare conducts an exclusive retained search and is typically paid in thirds: at signing of the retainer contract, at submission of a short list of candidates, and at hiring of candidate. Retained search is geared to finding Senior Executives and Physicians. This model of executive search requires significant consulting time and resources to identify candidates.

Contingent Search

WDP Healthcare sources qualified candidates to fill open job orders and charges a placement fee only when the client hires the candidate. The fee is paid by the client. If the fee is paid when due, typically 10 calendar days from the start date, WDP Healthcare guarantees the placement for a period of time. This “pay for performance” model provides access to top talent that is paid for only when a successful hire is made.

Consulting Services

WDP Healthcare offers a variety of Behavioral Health Consulting Services. We have an extensive database of high level consultants to produce the required work. WDP Healthcare bills hourly for the consultant’s time or based on a fixed fee. 

Examples of consultants - 
- Addictions Treatment start-up services.    (Residential, IOP, PHP etc etc)
- Interim Hospital leadership
- Project Management

Management Services 

Our teams work with inpatient, outpatient and residential behavioral care organizations. Including hospitals, multi site facilities, residential and PHP programs. Whether it is a need for you to plan new and additional programs, enhance and develop existing facilities or overall efficiency management.